Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at CHS


Senior Haisa Nguyen showing a cute heart sign showing love is love! Credit: Marjorie Hsu

Marjorie Hsu, Co-editor in Chief

Valentine’s day is almost here, and if you’re still looking for the perfect last-minute gift or plans to make your Valentine happy, two Centennial couples have some advice. Senior Mandy Larsen said, “You could take them to that restaurant in Atlanta that spins around, the SunDial.” It’s certainly on the pricey and timely side, but it is a nice consideration for a fancy, future date. Larsen said that general Valentine’s activities are also sweet, such as, “Take them for ice cream. Get them flowers.”

Larsen’s girlfriend, senior Victoria Cortes said, “Personally, I like edible arrangements. I also think that museum dates are kind of romantic, like I would love to go to the High Museum on Valentine’s Day.” Nicely enough, the High Museum is free the second Sunday of every month. However, a person must reserve the free tickets at the High’s website for a specific time. Even though it’s too late for this month, it could be a fun date for March. 

Senior Edward Purser said something nice is “make a flipbook.” His girlfriend Madison Rogers further explained that “he made a flip book out of sticky notes.” Rogers said, “Get something they asked for,” and even though that may sound obvious, it’s still sweet. Purser said, “Get them the minis shaped liked hearts from Chick-fil-A. I think anyone would love that.”

When asked what advice they would give to someone who wants to confess their feelings for their Valentine’s, Larsen said it’s along the lines of what you would do if they were already your significant other: buying flowers or chocolate. Larsen jokingly added, “Write them a text.” Cortes interjected that if you know the love is mutual a cute thing would be to “send them Venmo money, like five or ten dollars and the comment could be ‘Will you be my Valentine?’” Larsen disagreed and said a better alternative would be to go casual and just invite them on a date and pay for them instead. 

Cortes said another cute way to ask your Valentines out would be to go to their home with a poster with a boombox. Larsen added, “Pull up. Boombox their house. That’s how I asked Victoria to prom last year.” Both Larsen and Cortes emphasized that this would be better if you know the person romantically felt the same way. 

Purser said if you’re a person planning to ask someone out “just do it. Just be like ‘Hey! Go out on a date with me.” Sometimes being straightforward is the right way to go. 

Interestingly, Centennial students are off school on Valentine’s Day this year, so the love parade of big boxes of chocolates, balloons, or large teddy bears will not happen. When asked about the most outrageous display of Valentines they’d seen, Cortes said, “Those big teddy bears! You don’t want to carry that.” Larsen agreed and said, “It’s like a cute gesture, but it’s also like, do you really want to carry that around all day?” Cortes added another big thing she’s seen is “the ‘My King’ and ‘My Queen’ shirts.”

Rogers said, “Probably just an absurd amount of things for them at school. If you have big teddy bears, balloons, or big gift bags, if you have that many things for one person then give it to that person out of school where they don’t have to carry it around or flaunt it.” Purser agreed and said, “A big teddy bear is just a burden to carry around.”

If your crush wants tasty chocolate, Cortes recommended Ferrero Rocher as it’s both affordable, delicious, and super fancy. Larsen said that if a person is really looking to go above and beyond, Godiva is the way to go. Although it’s quite expensive, the luxury of these top tier suave chocolates really do the charm. In overall, it’s not necessary to get the best or the most expensive chocolate, but something a bit more than regular chocolate is nice. 

Chick-fil-A is one of the many companies that are doing something special for Valentines and the best way is to search for it online. For instance, Papa John’s is doing a heart shaped pizza. Starbucks has a red velvet loaf cake or Valentine’s cake pop. It’s no fancy restaurant, but it’s a sweet thing to eat. Valentines is a celebration of romantic, platonic, or self love.