Looking For New School Supplies to Stay Organized?


Mildliner Highlighters

Maggie Nolen, Staff Writer

At this point in the school year, many students begin to feel unmotivated and bored with their school work. The perfect solution to this is to get new and fun school supplies, which will make taking notes and studying a little more fun.

  1. Mildliner Highlighters
  • These highlighters come in the brightest colors, last a very long time, and make taking notes and annotating a lot more fun. They can be bought on Amazon, at Target, Walmart, and more. Brooklyn Oxley said, “The MildLiners are highlighters that I bought off Amazon, and are my favorite to use during school. They come in a ton of pretty colors and last a super long time.”
  1. Cute Planners/Agendas
  • I think it’s so important to find a cute way to write down your homework, keep track of extracurriculars, and more. There are a lot of options for this, but my favorite would be the Passion Planner. These planners are so cute, high-quality, and will make you excited to do your work. A lot of people get motivated when they can check things off their to-do list or cross homework off their list, and a planner would help with this.
  1. Flair Pens
  • Many companies make flare pens, the most popular being Paper Mate. These pens are basically a mix of markers and pens. They don’t bleed through your paper, and they can help make your notes more colorful and interesting. For me, writing in pretty colors and using these pens really elevates my notes.
  1. Colored Notecards
  • Most office supplies stores sell these, and they usually come in packs with pink, yellow, green, blue, etc. notecards. It’s nice to use different colors for different subjects or different topics in your classes, and it helps you stay organized and has even been known to improve your memory.