Girls Soccer Starts the Season With A Bang

The girls soccer team starts the season with a winning streak and new talent!

The girls soccer team starts the season with a winning streak and new talent!

Bridget McAree, Staff Writer

The girl’s soccer team is off to a great start this new season. They started off by crushing Denmark 3-2, then they won against River wood 2-0, blocking all shots. Next, they brought home a win against Sprayberry winning 2-1, and tied Woodstock 1-1. Their winning streak broke to Cherokee when they lost 1-0, which is not considered a hard loss. 

Abby Creasy, the goalie, helps lead the team to victory by making it nearly impossible for the other team to score a goal. Their other starters are Kelsey Shipp and Samantha Lahey as outside backs, Cali Willoughby and Abby Messing as holding midfielders, Sophie Laidhold and Ashlyn Barbas as center backs, Hannah Schurman and Janaiya Williams as wings, and Emily Casteda as striker. The captains, Samantha L., Sophie L., Abby C., and Cali W., lead their team by promoting communication and team spirit. 

Cali Willoughby said, “Coach Kroll is constantly encouraging us to stay active and eat healthy to be prepared for games. Our coaches are supportive of us and make it easy to have fun, while also staying competitive and trying our best.” 

Their winning streak comes as a shock as they were anticipating not being as good this year since most of their starters from last year’s season graduated. However, there are lots of new freshmen this year that bring great talent and potential, especially their goalie sub, who is one of  their most valuable players. Also, many of their team’s sophomores have shown much improvement from their freshman year’s season and have become hard defenders to pass.