Who’s Poppin’ in the Polls?

Haisa Nguyen, Staff Writer

Bernie Sanders at a campaign rally in Detroit. Source: cnbc.com

The Presidential election for 2020 is fast approaching. With Georgia’s primary just weeks away and Super Tuesday around the corner, campaigns have upped their game. Iowa, in particular, prepared for its caucus for months and months following with endless debates and rallies. On February 3, they finally held it only for… nothing to happen at all. 

How does a Caucus work? Unlike other states, voters in Iowa congregate in churches, libraries, and schools and other public places where they divide up into groups to support a candidate of their choice. This goes on for about two rounds before the votes are converted into a number of delegates. 

However, this year, Iowa made a couple of changes to their complicated and outdated system. The two rounds of voting were supposed to be announced along with the final delegate count. Iowa gave their local representatives a phone app to report their results, but many had trouble using it so they frantically switched over to use phone lines. This is where things started to go downhill. This combined with the technical problems from the app caused detrimental mistakes, and the votes were incorrect. Iowa was unable to declare a winner. 

In New Hampshire, big things were happening as well. On February 11, New Hampshire held its primary. Bernie Sanders won with 25.7%. Pete Buttigieg followed closely behind with 24.4%. Both Sanders and Buttigieg received nine delegates as well.