Just for Fun: 21 Odd but Intriguing Facts

Griffin Frame, Staff Writer

Sometimes you go through your day and it’s a perfectly normal one, and then suddenly you learn something weird or odd. Then you learn it’s true. Here is a list 21 weird but true facts. 

  1. Tapioca is made from cassava root, and if prepared improperly, is poisonous
  2. If you Google who invented scissors, Leonardo daVinci is credited with it, even though they were invented in Mesopotamia many years prior. Some have been found that date back to Greek times.
  3. Even more relevant, if you’re left-handed, there are scissors made for you.  
  4. When we’re born, we don’t have bony kneecaps; they are made of cartilage instead of bone.
  5. Slugs have four nostrils.
  6. Abraham Lincoln’s dog was killed by a drunken man.
  7. Your phone or your graphing calculator is more powerful than the Apollo 11 guidance computer.
  8. The first home computer didn’t even have a screen.
  9. Snails can have more than 1,000 teeth.
  10. Fruit Loops are all the same flavor. 
  11. In France, toilet paper is commonly pink.
  12. An octopus has nine brains.
  13. Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur. 
  14. The first automatic door was made in Egypt. Instead of electricity they used a pressure plate and water to move the door.
  15. Sunsets on Mars are blue.
  16.  The qwerty keyboard standard was made so typewriters would jam less often.
  17. Commonly some typewriters were designed without a key for the numeral one. You had to use the lowercase l instead.
  18. Strawberries aren’t berries but are categorized as an accessory fruit.
  19. You’re not allowed to  bring dogs into Antarctica. 
  20. In Ohio, if you’re convicted with a DUI and your driving rights are limited, the law may require you to have a yellow license plate indicating your crime.
  21. For a while X-ray machines were used in shoe stores to determine shoe size.

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