What are shin splints and why do runners get them?


Mia Muse, Staff Writer

Shin splints are a very common thing a running athlete could get. Shin splints are pain on the inside or outside of the shin that is basically caused by tiny pieces of your shin muscle ripping off of the shin bone. While it sounds painful, there are easy ways to prevent and treat them if you already have them. 

One really easy way to prevent shin splints is to wear the proper shoe while running. Whether it’s cleats, spikes, or  just regular running shoes they need to be right for your foot type to keep you from developing splints.   

Another easy way to prevent them is to stretch the calf muscles after you run. Some of the stretches you could perform are wall toe raises, heel to toe walking, and many other different stretches that can help prevent shin splints. Click HERE for more stretches. 

It is really common for a high school student to get shin splints because they are still developing their bone structure. Destiny Woods, a Centennial athlete has had shin splints before and had a lot to say about them.

“I got shin splints from running track and how I took care of them was by going to the trainer after practice everyday to get ice wrapped around them,” she said. “The trainer gave me really good advice to get rid of them,” she added.

If you already have shin splints, Centennial has a trainer that stays until practices are over to treat them there or give you different ways to treat them at home with having to go to the doctor. Amber Corcoran, Centennial’s physical trainer, said, “ If a student ever feels any pain in their shin how I help is by taking ice and bagging it, than I would tightly saran wrap it over their leg.”

“This reduces the pain the student would have after the practice while the ice soothes the muscle,” added Corcoran. 

Another remedy Corcoran recommended was a home treatment. Another easy way is to take a bath with Epson salts with warm water. Taking a bath with Epson salts is effective in reducing swelling and pain from the shin injuries.