Not to Worry: The Yearbook Will Publish

Mia Muse, Staff Writer

Centennial’s yearbook is in final production for this year, and the school closure sure has created challenges for the class and its faculty sponsor, English teacher Leah Ma, but the yearbook is still on track for publication at the end of the school year.

“Fortunately, we met our last page deadline before the closure happened,” Ma said. “At this point, editors and staff are working primarily on managing our social media presence and promoting the sales of our last hundred books.”

Distribution might be a challenge, but Ma said, “We are brainstorming multiple scenarios for distribution depending on how long the closure lasts.”

All school year, Ma and her staff have been capturing different events that happened this year to make a memorial book to keep for students to look back on when they are older.

This is Ma’s first year being the yearbook adviser and she said, “My first year teaching yearbook has been exciting yet challenging.” 

Being the yearbook adviser comes with many behind the scenes challenges such as scheduling picture day, communicating senior deadlines, and managing staff’s page deadlines.

“Learning how to manage these additional tasks has taken some time, but it is a critical part of the job,” she said.

A typical day in yearbook class sees staff members in and out of the class conducting interviews, taking pictures, while working on editing and designing their pages. “It’s an energetic, productive environment,” Ma said.

Alexis Wo0lfolk, second year staff member and editor said, “This class was amazing. I love that we have such a free range but also are under rule of a teacher’s authority.”  

This is a genuinely small class; therefore, the teacher and staff members have this period to not only collaborate and create with each other, they have a chance to bond and make memories. Alexis said, “My favorite memory this year was when we threw an end-of-year party and got a lot of pizza and drinks and cupcakes and just had a blast and talked the whole entire period.”

This class is an elective, and if you are signed up to take it next year, Woolfolk has some advice: “Have fun, and make sure you are not late for your due dates, and it takes a lot of discipline.” 

“Also try and venture out to get a lot of people in the yearbook so it’s not just the same faces, because the yearbook represents the whole entire school,” Alexis added.