Why Do People Flock to Airpods…

When other wireless earbuds work just as well?


Lance Cross, Staff Writer

The Apple Airpods were released on December 13, 2016. At the time wireless earbuds were not a foreign concept, but these earbuds were released by Apple, which made them a big deal. They were one of the first popular cases of truly wireless earbuds and the most popular at the time. Since their initial release, there has been another generation of Airpods and another improved version called the Airpods Pro. The pro version comes with additional features including noise cancellation. These earbuds have become very popular and have led to many other companies developing their truly wireless earbuds.

After the release of the Airpods came products like Raycon’s earbuds and the Samsung Galaxy Buds. A lot of these non-Apple earbud alternatives are on par or close to the same quality of Airpods without the large price tag, but they are not nearly as popular as Airpods. What makes Airpods different from these other alternatives?

There is nothing incredibly special about the Airpods except for the status behind them. The Airpods are Apple products. There is a certain amount of prestige that comes with Apple products. IPhones are very popular, and people buy them when a new one is released. Macbooks are very popular laptops. Apple is a brand people trust and want. Airpods also have more features when linked to Apple products, so people who already own Apple products have more reason to buy them. A lot of these competitors come from unknown companies. 

On top of that, Airpods have an image outside of the brand. Airpods evolved into a status symbol. Airpods began symbolizing wealth, and just like expensive clothing brands, they were a symbol of wealth. This led people to want to buy them as a symbol rather than try and find the best deal.

There is not much difference between Airpods and its competitors. All of the features found in them can be found somewhere else. What they do have is a name. Airpods and Apple are both very popular names, and these names sell.