What’s the Tea on Tik Tok? Part 3


Maggie Nolen and Bridget McAree, Staff Writers

Here are the top four current trends on TikTok right now:

Embarrassing pictures

  • There is a new trend where people are posting videos talking about something embarrassing that happened to them. Then they will show a picture for half a second of the thing they were talking about in the video. This trend is sometimes annoying because people watching the video want to see the picture, but you have to pause the video at the right time to be able to see it or slow down the video somehow.

Election TikToks

  • With the election coming up, a lot of people have been making videos about who they are voting for or just jokes about the candidates. One of the most popular Tik Toks surrounding the election would be this one girl singing “please don’t make me vote for Joe Biden.”

Want to see what you will miss?

  • This trend started as an aesthetically pleasing trend that would show a montage of photos from a time period or event. For example, someone would post “Do you want to miss prom?” Then “click” a yes icon that shows a montage of aesthetically pleasing photos of people at prom that gives people a nostalgic feeling. However, the trend has taken a humorous turn. For example, people have started to post hypothetical questions like “Are you sure you want to have this abortion” and “Do you want to see what your kid would miss” and they would “click” no. This is supposed to be a joke and also a stance on the pro-choice debate, saying that women can make their own decision and people shouldn’t make them feel bad for it.


  • A lot of TikToks have been about the coronavirus, and some people are pretending to have it as a joke. People have also been making TikToks about the rising cost of hand sanitizer as a result of the virus, and some have made videos talking about how they had to cancel their trips or come home from their study abroad because of the virus. Since most schools are closed down due to coronavirus, many teens are spending more and more time on TikTok.