How Extroverts Can Cope With Quarantine

There’s no reason to go nuts!

Spend time with your family during quarantine or explore Netflix Party with your friends.

Spend time with your family during quarantine or explore Netflix Party with your friends.

Bridget McAree, Staff Writer

There’s a meme going around that says something like: “Introverts, check on your extrovert friends – they’re not doing well! They have no idea how to handle this.” There may be some truth to this.

Many people have had a tough time easing into staying home, eating meals at home, and spending less time with friends. Many experts are already warning of the mental health consequences that such social distancing practices and quarantines may pose on a large population. The idea of home quarantine may appear especially intimidating for extroverted personalities who are living alone. However, here are some tips on staying safe and social:

  1. Play Online Games. Online gaming is a fun, entertaining way to spend time while keeping your mind stimulated and getting social interaction with friends. 
  2. Use Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Houseparty and other forms of group calling to stay connected with friends. Even though you are not in person, you can still call your friends and start conversation to save you from boredom and complete isolation. There are many fun apps that allow you to Facetime with multiple people at once, so you and your friends can virtually hang out. 
  3. Use Netflix Party. Netflix party is a new way Netflix has allowed its users to connect with family and friends. You can watch the same show/movie with multiple people at once, while being at your own homes. It also has an open chat to talk about the exciting details about the show/movie that allows you to stay interacted. 
  4. Spend Time With Family. Now is a great time to dust off old family board games, home videos, etc. You can spend valuable time with your family in many ways such as taking walks outside, going on bike rides, cooking new foods together, planting a garden, or even creating your own pool in your yard. 
  5. Deep Clean. Take this time to deep clean your house. This can be very helpful in gaining satisfaction and productivity that you may be missing from being out of school. Take a day to clean out all your old clothes, shoes, or even scrub down your bathroom. This is a productive way to spend time and feel better about yourself while staying in a cleaner environment.