Stuck Inside? No Reason to Slack Off

Check out YouTube exercise videos!


MadFit workout channel

Mia Muse, Staff Writer

The coronavirus has affected many student athletes and adults. With the gyms and schools closed it is complicated for them to get their workouts in because they have to change their whole routine, but there are many different alternatives that could get you a workout at home. People committed to their physical health are finding creative ways to get that workout done. 

A great way to get into a new at home workout routine is through YouTube. Some different channels that could help you get into a new routine are MadFit, Pamela Reif, and Natacha Oceane. These channels have a wide variety of routines both with and without equipment, as well as videos of full body workouts, and ones that specialize in target areas like abs, legs, arms, etc.

Centennial student and volleyball team member Sydney Baham said, “I’m lucky enough to have my coach send me and my teammates different workouts.”

Unlike club coaches, the Centennial athletic department is not sending out workouts for their athletes. Track coach Mike Higgins said coaches are “just encouraging everyone to stay active.”

One of the track team’s captains, senior Natasha Sharpe, is making up her own workout to stay active. “ I make a schedule to exercise everyday in the morning and evening and I go running every other day around my neighborhood,” she said.

A great way to take advantage of this time is to get into new healthier eating habits. Some people have gotten some good tips and recipes from Pinterest. Destiny Woods said, “ I love Pinterest because it gives me everything I need to find my healthy snacks and meals.” 

“ When I went onto Pinterest there were all these new different recipes that I had to try,” she said. “I can tell you that ever since I tried these new foods I have felt so calm,” she added.

These are just a few ways to stay in shape and be healthy. Just because everything is basically closed doesn’t mean that students and parents don’t have to get out of shape. Stay safe and healthy.