Corona’s Impact on Businesses and Employees

Many businesses have been closed indefinitely due to the coronavirus.

Many businesses have been closed indefinitely due to the coronavirus.

Bridget McAree, Staff Writer

President Trump signed a bill that gives workers affected by the coronavirus additional resources and paid leave. The US House of Representatives initially passed The Families First Coronavirus Response Act to establish paid leave and benefits for families. The bill guarantees free testing and covers the cost of emergency room visits and doctor fees. It also provides food assistance, paid sick leave, and unemployment insurance. Unfortunately, around 32 million people don’t have access to paid sick leave from their employers.

 Covid-19 has had an alarming impact on the lives of employees that work for large institutions such as Broadway theaters, sports teams across the nation, Disney World, etc. Airlines, ports, hotels and other directly affected industries have already announced layoffs or employee furloughs. There have been millions of Americans laid off or furloughed. It is hard for people to pay their rent, feed their families, and pay their bills while they wait for the unemployment check to come through. Even after the virus is gone, the impact will be so detrimental many people speculate that their businesses will be forced to close, leaving many workers jobless. 

Luckily, many people are still making to-go orders, which have helped smaller restaurants stay afloat. However, there are usually still fewer employees scheduled to work at once and for workers that rely on tips, they may not be making as much. Also, most restaurants have been forced to close and have not been given the choice to still provide a service. Many celebrities have been donating to help raise money to charities to help people that need aid during this time.