Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Keeping a Schedule

It really does help!


Maggie Nolen, Staff Writer

Online school is proving to be challenging for some, especially those who enjoy the daily routine of school. Some people thrive with a set sleep schedule and daily routine, while others prefer a less rigid schedule for their day. Online school is providing people with more flexibility with their schedule since you can complete your online work at any time of the day.

For me, I love staying up late and I find I am most productive with my school work after midnight, which is something I can’t realistically do doing regular school.

Junior, Brooklyn Oxley, said, “Being quarantined has made it feel like summer, so I often go to bed way later than I should. I still try to wake up at around 9 so I can knock out all my online schoolwork and continue with whatever else I’m doing that day.”

If you are someone who is feeling unmotivated with online school, try doing your normal school routine, but from home. I find it really helpful to do my online work in the order of my regular schedule of school and to FaceTime friends in each of my classes so we can do work together.

For some the quarantine has been an opportunity to catch up on sleep and do work at their own pace. Carley Chinn said, “As someone who frequently stayed up late on school nights, I have been taking this time to sleep as much as I can. I feel a lot healthier and more concentrated when doing my work.”

Something else you can do is try to finish most of your work earlier in the week or early in the day and plan fun activities for later. If you’re a creative person, try painting, drawing, or writing something. Even if you’re not artistic, you can reorganize your room, take a long walk, bake something, call your friends, or try to learn the latest TikTok dance.

The worst thing to do for your daily schedule and sleep schedule is to just lie in bed all day doing nothing. Even in quarantine, there are fun activities to do that will help keep you on a good schedule.