How Part Time Jobs Have Been Affected by Coronavirus


Lance Cross, Staff Writer

Due to the new coronavirus, social distancing has hurt many businesses that require human interaction or large gatherings. This has caused businesses to adapt to the new circumstances or go out of business. Some businesses also have the difficulty of an employee with coronavirus which can force them to give leave to their workers.

An example of this is the Kroger near Centennial. An employee was diagnosed with the virus at this store, so Kroger sent them home for a two-week quarantine. Other employees got a period of paid leave, but many people on the staff are minors with parents who will not allow them to return to work at the store. Also, Kroger gave $150 to their employees who have been working there before March 1. The virus has caused the Kroger to be severely understaffed because of the leave and parents do not want their kids to risk it and go back to work there.

Other businesses still have employees but have had to change how they do business. One of the more prominent changes is the switch to only take out and delivery. This leaves jobs for people to do, but some jobs, like waiters, can no longer be done. Restaurants are not the only thing switching to take out though, small businesses such as comic book stores are also switching to curbside pickup in order to limit human interaction. These businesses are being hit much harder by the lack of products being shipped out. In the case of this reporter’s favorite comic book store, comics have been delayed until further notice causing retailers and fans to be unable to purchase them.

A lot of businesses are trying to find ways to keep doing business and paying employees, but some businesses that are unable to adapt or have come in contact with coronavirus cannot continue. Employees have been given leave and some have been forced to adapt to a change in their job. Finally, the worry of parents also keeps some employees from continuing their job.