Our best days are ahead…but not quite yet

Haisa Nguyen, Staff Writer


Drawing depicting “social distancing”

The coronavirus has been flooding the news in the past couple of weeks. Cases in the United States have skyrocketed with currently over one million diagnosed cases and more than 50,000 deaths. People are being told they should stay inside or practice “social distancing” to prevent the spread of the virus, but who all is actually taking these suggestions seriously? 

Many students at Centennial have already been self-quarantining to help flatten the curve. Senior Victoria Cortes said, “I’ve been playing my part and staying inside. It’s been really tough not being able to see my friends, but I know it will help this whole thing end faster.” Senior Amanda Larsen said, “My dad has me on quarantine lockdown which wasn’t fun at first, but seeing the numbers rise is really scary so I honestly don’t mind it anymore.” 

Although there are lots of people taking the virus and “social-distancing” seriously, there are still individuals that continue to go out and put themselves and others at risk. Many university students went to the beaches in Florida over spring break, claiming they weren’t “going to let corona ruin their spring break.” However tempting it may be to still go out and hang out with your friends, this will further the detrimental effects that COVID-19 already has done. It wreaked havoc in Wuhan, China as well as Italy with over thousands of people dead. Now, the United States is number 1 in the world for the number of cases and deaths. 

Due to the increase in numbers, Governor Brian Kemp ordered a “shelter in place” but has lifted it, allowing hair and nail salons, tattoo parlors and bowling alleys to reopen last Friday, April 24th. Tomorrow, restaurants and movie theaters will be able to follow suit. Meanwhile, cases are increasingly going up around the country with no end in sight. Some universities have even already announced that Fall 2020 classes will be held online, such as Boston University and New York University.