Waiting for that stimulus check?

Griffin Frame, Staff Writer

Information on this topic is constantly changing and things are being added. To keep up with it you can find information on the relief package on the IRS website.

As we all know the Covid- 19 virus has changed the way we live. All of us at school are at home doing Teleschool. Students aren’t the only ones to be staying home. At this point many Americans are staying home; if you are lucky you get to work from home but many aren’t so lucky with many people losing their jobs. Inevitably with the loss of jobs there are many people, families, households that don’t have enough income to support themselves this has led to the passing of a stimulus package to try to alleviate the problem.

The stimulus package

You may be asking what the stimulus package is. The stimulus package is a $2 trillion relief bill with the intention to help the people who have lost jobs or are in need in the Covid-19 epidemic.

How much will the average person get?

The amount of money the average person gets will vary, it should be around $1,200 with an extra $500 per child under the age of 16.

In order for you to get paid you need a valid social security number and need to pay taxes. If you’re single and yearly income is $75,000 or less you should get the full amount, but if you are married with no kids you should get $24,000. In general the more you make a year the less you get from this with it cutting off. With the cut off for singles being $99,000 a year and married couples at $198,000 a year.


As stated earlier you need a valid social security card and pay taxes. The government will want to look at 2018, 2919, and sometimes 2020 tax returns to see if you’re eligible; they can also use your social security statement. 

Getting the aid.

You don’t have to apply for the package if the government already has the information it needs. You can’t be claimed as a dependent by anyone, this is important to note for students. The payments are said to arrive by April 17,so unless you don’t apply or haven’t put in information they don’t already have you should have gotten your money. the money should be direct deposited into your bank account if they have the information already , if they don’t have it you’ll need to input it into the system. 

This was all about the average person getting relief, but there’s more than just the population. Many businesses are getting aid. These businesses include hospitals, airlines, along with others.