Games That Can Help Through Quarantine

Games That Can Help Through Quarantine

Lance Cross, Staff Writer

Due to the coronavirus, people have had to stay indoors and try to entertain themselves. Many games have come out since quarantine for people at home to keep themselves occupied.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the most recent entry in the Animal Crossing series released on March 20. There has not been a main line title in this series for almost seven years, so fans were rejoicing when this one was released. This game is a life sim where you develop your town on a deserted island alongside your animal townspeople. The whole game has very calming music that helps to relieve stress. Also, this game has no concrete end, so players can play for a long time. The chill atmosphere, never-ending game play, and lack of hard deadlines make this game perfect for keeping your mind off of the struggles of quarantine.

Doom Eternal is also a stress relieving game released on March 20, but it relieves stress in a different way.  Doom Eternal is a sequel to the well-acclaimed original Doom (2016). It is a first-person shooter that allows players to take out their stress on hordes of demons. The player tears through invading demons accompanied by metal music to stop their invasion. This game takes a more violent approach to stress relief.

The next game may not release stress, but it keeps players entertained for a long time. Persona 5 Royal was released March 31 in the United States and is a remake of the original Persona 5. It adds an estimated 20 hours to the already long base game. It is a role playing game where you catch and fuse demons mixed with a life sim. The character in this game enters into people’s cognitive worlds, steals their treasure, and makes them confess to their crime. When the main character is not stealing treasure, he spends his time hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing games, or other everyday activities. It is packed with content, so it is good to help keep people in quarantine entertained.

The next game released was a remake of the game Resident Evil 3 and was released April 3. This is a survival horror game where you are running from a mutant named Nemesis and trying to escape the zombie infested Raccoon City. This game has amazing graphics and atmospheres that really pull the player into the world so it can scare them. It has the best game play in the series, though it has been criticized for being short. It is good for immersing yourself in a different world to keep your mind off of quarantine.