Internet Sensation Tana Mongeau Releases New Song

The cover for Mongeau's song,

Tana Mongeau

The cover for Mongeau’s song, “without you”

Maggie Nolen, Staff Writer

Internet sensation Tana Mongeau released her newest song “without you” on Wednesday, April 22. Mongeau, 21, has had a booming YouTube career since her teen years and she currently has 5.34 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her main career and source of money is YouTube, brand deals, and her new MTV reality show, and she just started her music career in 2017.

While her first song, “Hefner” was beloved by her fans, it was not taken seriously by the music community due to its autotune and the nature of the lyrics. Even Tana herself makes fun of the song and admits it was not her best work. However, she continued her music career and released two more songs in 2018 and was featured in songs with Elijah Daniels and Bella Thorne. These new songs were still not taken seriously and many made fun of Mongeau for proving the stereotype about YouTubers unsuccessfully trying to enter the music industry. Then, in 2019, Mongeau released “Facetime,” which was an emotional song about her love life. This song got great reviews and the music industry started to accept her music more and many people began listening to her music.

She took a short break from her music career to devote more time to her reality show and producing better content on YouTube. Recently, she has been working with her close friend, Modsun, on her music again, and finally, she released her song, “without you.” which explores a deeper side of her personality and talks about her mental health. Mongeau has been very open on YouTube and social media in the past few weeks about her worsening mental health and depression, and this deeper message is seen in the song.

Brooke Naish said, “Tana’s new song has truly shown her growth in the music industry and as a person. It really speaks to society as a whole on a deeper, sentimental label that everyone can find some way to relate to. I love Tana and I am so excited for her!”

Based on “without you,” it is possible Mongeau has a big place in the music industry in the future and her fans are excited to see where this will take her.