Are People Going Bowling Or Staying Home?


Governor Brian Kemp announced earlier this week that businesses such as bowling alleys and nail salons can begin to reopen.

Bridget McAree, Staff Writer

 Last week Governor Brian Kemp decided to allow businesses such as bowling alleys, hair and nail salons and tattoo parlors open up again on April 24. Many people are happy about this but many feel that it is too early to open up businesses since the virus has not yet peaked. However, with businesses opening up, does this mean people will actually go out?

Junior Caroline Hawkins said, “I work at Village Burger and business has been booming as usual even with the stay at home order in place. I think people will start going out even more now since more businesses other than restaurants are opening. People have been stuck inside for a long time and are eager to get back into their lifestyles.”

Singapore, a country that was aggressive with Covid-19 from the start, is already hitting a second wave after reopening businesses. When asked if Georgia might experience similar results, junior Shae Carr said, “I do not think it will get worse than it is right now. It has been pretty bad for a few weeks and I think this is a sign things are getting better. I do not think I will be going out though until the stay at home order expires.”

So who will be going to the bowling alleys, nail salons, and movie theaters (which will be able to open on Friday)? Will this be an efficient solution to prevent smaller business from closing down or an epic fail?

Junior Alayna Harmon said, “I personally am very excited to get my nails done. I have been waiting for weeks for my nail place to open back up and I could not be more excited. I think its important for people to support businesses during this time while keeping safe social distances and constantly washing their hands or wearing protective gear. I’m not sure how Kemp allowing businesses to open backup will play out but I will be going out more now that I can,” she added.