Onward! To a Movie Review

Griffin Frame, Staff Writer

“Onward” has been released directly to Disney+ because movie theaters are closed due to Covid-19.

That’s the bad news; on the bright side I got to watch it sooner than I would have in the comfort of my own home. 

Here’s a brief spoiler-free review of “Onward” –

“Onward” is set in a universe where magic and mythological creatures are real, and humans don’t exist. In the world there was magic and it helped many people, but over time they modernized in a way because not everyone could use magic, so people developed technology, and as a result magic was mostly lost to the people. 

The movie is about two kids who have lost their father going on a quest to spend one day with him. This was started when they found a spell that could bring him back for a day, but it messed up and only summoned his legs. So they go on an adventure to get the rest of him. On the way there are complications, obstacles and character development.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie, the story was all there, I didn’t see any loose ends. The characters were good and were relatable. Most of the  jokes in the movie were subtle. There were also jokes that were funny because they were goofy or out of the ordinary even for their setting.  

There are a couple things I didn’t like about it (these are all nit picky): every character and species that has intelligence speaks English but one, and how the different species are different sizes but all use the same sized objects. For example there is a pixie or fairy not sure which that drives a motorcycle that’s the size for lost people, I’m not saying to make tiny motorcycles maybe just make smaller controls and like slightly smaller motorcycles.

Spoiler alert! 

Some of the things that I found funny were: the mother’s boyfriend is a centaur, and when he laughs at the end he makes a horse noise; they have their dad on a leash and he just bobs around; the ac in the van is just way too powerful; the hilarious dancing scene; and in the final scene there is a dragon made out of stone stolen from a school, so when the dragon roars there’s a school bell in it, and more. 

The character development was great and even had foreshadowing. At the beginning the younger brother finds out that his father was eccentric and he asked his mom to elaborate but finds out that it took his father a while to get his confidence. The entire story is about getting more confidence. 

Throughout the movie the dad’s legs have varying amounts of awareness; in the gas station there is none, but in the dancing scene he knows where both of them are even though he can’t see them.