Centennial Students Take Honors at GSEF

Haisa Nguyen , Staff Writer

This year, the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair was held online instead of the traditional in-person event because of COVID-19. Many students from different schools in Georgia competed including four of our very own Centennial students.

Juniors Anika Chawla and Bodhana Verramachanei did a study called “Using DNA Barcoding on Lichenous Bioindicators for Pollution.” They won the Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Award, which is given to the most challenging, thorough, and creative mathematics investigations. They also won the First Honors which goes to projects with total scores that rank at or above the 90th percentile based on overall scores. 

Freshman Himani Verramachanei and Lily Shaw did a project where they compared Microplastics and Population, to see if there was any correlation between the two. Their project was very unique, and they will be able to build on it for next year’s GSEF to, hopefully, win some promising awards.

Congratulations to these four Centennial students for outstanding projects! You can take a look at Chawla and Verramacahanei’s project right here. You can also find all the other awards right here.