Zoom Security Concerns Spur Changes


Lance Cross, Staff Writer

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many have had to quarantine at home. In order for people to do their work meetings from home, companies have been using teleconferencing apps, like Zoom. These apps allow multiple people to video call at once and share their screens.

Zoom has come under fire recently due to security concerns. Many people have been able to join meetings uninvited, and some would show nudity or say profanity or racial slurs. These security concerns have led many companies and countries to urge workers not to use them. Organizations that have banned Zoom use include Google, SpaceX, and NASA, and some have only suggested a switch, like the US Senate.

Due to these restrictions, companies have begun to use alternatives. Alternatives to Zoom include Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and Skype. Websites that were not designed for conference calls, like Discord and Facebook Messenger, have also added new features to make video conferencing possible.

Zoom does not want people to stop using their service, so they have added new security features. One of these is that participants have to log in to the meeting with a Zoom account. This makes it so the host can use a list of users to keep unwanted people out of their meetings. Another feature is the ability to enforce waiting rooms for people joining. This means users will have to be manually accepted into the meeting. Also, for education accounts, passwords are now required for access. This along with a myriad of security features have been improved to make the service better.

Despite these security concerns, many continue to use Zoom, and it is likely not going to go anywhere. Hopefully, the new features Zoom has added will help in the future to prevent meeting intrusions by unwanted guests.