Birthday During Quarantine? Here Are Some Fun Ways to Celebrate


Mia Muse, Staff Writer

COVID-19 is making it really hard to see our family and friends, and because of that anybody who was looking forward to having a birthday party might be struggling right now. The Accolade came up with a list of fun and creative ideas that you can do to celebrate your birthday while in quarantine. 

  • Drive by birthday parade   

While you can’t have people over to celebrate your birthday, you can still invite them to drive by. Invite friends and family to show up in front of your house with gifts and birthday banners. You also chat from a safe distance and even still be able to sing “Happy Birthday” together.

  • Order gifts online

Being stuck inside doesn’t mean no gifts either. Friends and family can still order different items online and either get it sent straight to your house or they could drop it off at your doorstep.

  • Netflix party

This is a really cool feature that Netflix offers where you can start watching a movie WITH friends and chat along with them while the movie plays. How to get there? Go to Netflix Party to get started. Once you guys pick a movie you’ll receive a link you can send out to others to invite them to join you.

  • Food take-out

While most restaurants are still closed, a lot offer pickup or delivery and have drive-thrus. You can swing by Starbucks to pick up your favorite drink, or pick up your favorite meal by takeout for a special family idea. Plus this would be a great excuse to get out of the house. 

  •  Photoshoot

This was a very popular idea among teenagers, many of whom said, “ Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you don’t have to dress up.” These teens were right; even though you might not go anywhere you can still go outside and get your mom or siblings to take pictures of you to post on your social media.

  • Family game

Even though it’s your special day and you might be missing your friends you can still have fun at home with your family. You could play different family games or go in the kitchen and bake and decorate a cake together.

Just because you might be stuck at home for your birthday doesn’t mean you should be discouraged about it. You have to at least try and make the best of it.