Calling All Shopaholics: Online Shopping in Quarantine!

All eight flavors of Glossier's Balm Dotcom

maggie nolen

All eight flavors of Glossier’s Balm Dotcom

Maggie Nolen, Staff Writer

Since many stores are closed and we have more free time now than ever, many are trying to pass the time by online shopping, including myself. Here are my favorite things I’ve bought during quarantine and some recommendations:

  1. Glossier
  • I have always been a fan of Glossier products, specifically their famous “Balm DotCom.” This product is by far one of my favorites and it comes in a wide variety of flavors and tints. My favorites ranked worst to best are:
    • 8. Original: This product is still good, but it is very comparable to Vaseline or Chapstick, which is much cheaper.
    • 7. Birthday Cake: This flavor is very popular actually, but it is very sweet and the scent is slightly overwhelming. However, it does have some subtle glitter in it, which looks great on your lips.
    • 6. Mango: This flavor has a very cute orange and pink tint, however, the taste and scent are very artificial. Some people really like this one, but personally, I think the taste and smell are not as good as others.
    • 5. Cherry: This flavor has a beautiful red tint, and I think this would work really well for people who don’t like wearing lipstick but still want a subtle tint on their lips. Cherry flavoring is not my favorite, but this one isn’t as overwhelming as others can be.
    • 4. Berry: I never thought I would like this one, but when I finally tried it, I loved it. This is Glossier’s newest Balm Dot Com flavor, and it has a dark purple tint that turns into a pretty dark pink when it’s on your lips. Just like the Cherry, this is perfect for people who want a light tint, but don’t want to wear lipstick. The berry flavor is great and it doesn’t have a very strong smell.
    • 3. Coconut: This is one of the most underrated flavors. It has no tint to it, but the coconut flavor is so realistic and it smells great. I know not everyone likes coconut, but if you like the taste of actual coconut, you will love this flavor.
    • 2. Mint: This product is a classic as far as Balm Dot Com lip glosses go. There is no tint, but it is so refreshing and the mint flavor smells and feels so nice. I love putting this on in the morning to wake myself up.
    • 1. Rose: I have nothing bad to say about this flavor- it has a beautiful light pink tint and the flavor is so natural and smells nice. This is my go-to for school, work, or just to sit around my house.

Glossier has more amazing makeup. My other favorite products are their mascara, the Lash Stick, and their eye shadow, Lidstar. As far as skincare, I would recommend their two face masks (Mega Greens Galaxy Pack mask and the Moisturizing Moon Mask) and their serums (Super Bounce and Super Glow). All of these products have made my skin incredibly even and moisturized.

2.  Lush

  • Another one of my favorite brands for skincare is Lush. We are living in stressful times, so we need to treat ourselves and Lush has the best bath bombs, shower products, lotions, etc. My favorite product ever from Lush is the Scrubee, which is a light exfoliator/moisturizer that is used in the shower. I also love their hair masks, specifically Roots. I have long, damaged, blonde hair, and this hair mask makes my hair feel moisturized, voluminous and it makes my hair grow extremely fast. All of Lush’s products are extremely high quality and they are made with all-natural ingredients, which is great for people who have sensitive skin.

3. Clothing

  • I love a good deal and I’ve been noticing lately that popular stores like Urban Outfitters, Princess Polly, etc. have great sale sections. Especially at Urban, the clothes are very expensive, but I have noticed that you can find very cute, high-end clothes in the clearance section. I almost never buy anything full price from Urban, because when I do, I notice it on sale a few months later.