AMC & Regal Won’t Screen Universal Movies

Logan Busbee, Co-editor in Chief

The movie industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus, with theaters closing, production on future movies being stopped, and delays to almost every major movie. In the midst of this, Universal Studios has forgone a theatrical run for Trolls: World Tour, and has instead put it up for rental. This shift was successful, and led to Universal saying that when the pandemic has subsided and movie theaters reopen, they would likely release movies digitally at the same time they were playing in theaters.

AMC was the first chain to announce that it wouldn’t show Universal movies in theaters anymore, citing the cannibalization of the market for more profit and lack of communication with theaters. This is a huge announcement, as Universal has several multi-million dollar franchises like Fast and Furious and the Mummy.

Regal Cinemas, another large theater chain, joined with AMC and said their theaters wouldn’t play any Universal movies either. This statement from two large theaters has caused Universal to try and explain their strategy better, to no avail. However, as theaters haven’t largely opened across the world yet, there’s still time for the different companies to potentially negotiate a new agreement.