Quaran-cooking: Great Way to Pass Time

This clean kitchen is probably not what most people's kitchens look like these days!

This clean kitchen is probably not what most people’s kitchens look like these days!

Mia Muse, Staff Writer

During this time period many people have taken up different hobbies such as painting, doing puzzles, or perfecting makeup. The main hobby that people have taken up on is cooking.

If you go into the store you will notice a lot of the main cooking products such as vanilla extract, yeast and cornstarch are gone, probably hoarded by the same folks who have snagged all the toilet paper and paper towels. However, people take these items because they are very necessary for baking.

People are also taking up on cooking more because during this time most restaurants and food places aren’t open or they don’t feel comfortable with the virus going around. If done right, cooking can also save more money than buying out all the time.

Barbara Muse is one of the many people that started cooking more during quarantine and  she said, “ I love cooking and this corona just really gave me the time to be in my kitchen 24/7.” 

“Cooking is a way for me feel useful and productive ,” she added.

Cooking is also a really good hobby to take up because of the time required to do it right. If you are looking for something to do that can take up most of your day then cooking will do the thing. “The preparations, cooking, and cooling and cleaning can last from an hour or up to five; really it depends on what you’re cooking,” said Barbara Muse.

Everyone has been making food from seafood to delicious chocolate chip cookies. A common food made on my street was smoothies and different types of soups.  

Many people are taking this opportunity to grow into their chefs hats and perfecting their skills in the kitchen, and you can, too.