“Drive-thru” Graduation Set for May 16


Marjorie Hsu, Co-Editor In Chief

Las Cruces public schools in New Mexico celebrate their seniors.

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreaks, many upcoming events have been canceled or postponed. Unfortunately, this also includes high school and college graduations.

However, thanks to the hard work of Centennial’s student council members, Eleri Floyd, treasurer; Nina Rankine, President; Bao Nguyen, Vice President; and Fiona Lyle, communications, Centennial will have a drive-thru graduation for seniors. Students will drive down Scott Rd in their own cars with their family members and loved ones on the side of the street standing 6 feet apart. Although it isn’t the traditional graduation, it still allows for seniors to get the proud moment they’ve been working 12 long, hard years for while still following social distancing guidelines.

There will be Roswell police as well as school police in both Centennial’s parking lots. Students are allowed to decorate their graduation caps as well as their car in any creative way they want to. Yard signs will be stuck alongside the road, and there will be a stage decorated with flowers. Cady Studios, the yearbook folks, will also be in attendance for photo ops, and there will be a large C in front of the Fortress where photographers will take pictures of students with their families and loved ones. Teachers will also be allowed to stand in the parking lot and watch. 

Check your email for specifics and the schedule (also in the image above).