Seniors “Drive-Thru” for Caps, Gowns & Yearbooks


Who are those masked women? Teachers Leslie Wolfe (left) and Stephanni Prelac (right) helping the drop off and pick up. Credit: Marjorie Hsu

Marjorie Hsu, Co-editor in Chief

The drive-thru to pick up graduation items was set up so students did not leave their cars. Credit: Marjorie Hsu

With school shut down for the rest of the semester, administrators had to figure out how seniors could return their textbooks and computers and collect the important stuff like caps, gowns and yearbooks. The best solution was to coordinate a drive-through drop-off/pick-up that accomplished the goals of collecting school-owned materials and giving seniors what they’d paid for, all while maintaining social distance and minimizing contact.

Under sunny skies last Saturday, teachers and administrators set up the drive-through in the bus lanes, organized by last name. One by one, cars drove up and seniors (some with a car full of friends or family) turned in their school items and picked up their caps, gowns, cords, yearbooks, and awards.

Caps and gowns were packaged with the honor cords. Credit: Marjorie Hsu

Seniors were assigned their time based on their last name. Seniors had to post a sheet showing their name and whether they were picking up their purchased yearbook. Students drove through the school entrance and to the bus lane where teachers, staff, and volunteers checked what the student had to drop off and pick up. Conversations were held through the open window, and volunteers passed the items through the window into the car.

Some teachers held out signs congratulating the newly graduated seniors. Credit: Marjorie Hsu

All the students had to remain in their vehicles, and all of the volunteers were wearing face masks as they helped for hours under the hot sun. Afterwards, students could see the sign outside that congratulated the class of 2020. No one could have expected that they would receive their cap and gown and cords this way, but it was an efficient and quick delivery system to ensure every senior got their graduation items.