What’s Up With AP Exams This Year?

Maggie Nolen , Staff Writer

AP exams are a huge deal for some students, and they can cause a lot of stress toward the end of the year.

Usually, they take about three hours and are hand-written; however this year, the College Board decided to do AP exams as a 45-minute online test composed of free-response question(s). This format has provoked a lot of questions, and the College Board has been getting a lot of hate since exams started. Many students hit technical roadblocks and were not able to submit their work, meaning they have to attend the makeup exam in June. Parents, teachers, and students have been tweeting at the College Board and calling their customer service with the issues.

Junior Brooklyn Oxley said, “I’m upset with the College Board. I feel like they have not handled the exams well, and I found myself being more worried about being able to submit my answers than being able to do the questions themselves.”

Since all the complaints, the College Board has announced that if a student is unable to submit their responses, the student can email the College Board their responses and they will be graded. This was a good step for the College Board to take; however, they have not offered any options other than the makeup exam for the students who took their exam and were unable to submit last week. Some are calling for the College Board to cancel exams and award college credit based on class performance, similar to what the IB program did.

The College Board has made attempts to ease students’ nerves by saying that an unlimited amount of students can receive a 5 (and all other scores) and that the exams will not be graded on the usual curving scale. They have also announced that you can still get a passing score (5,4,3) if you run out of time and can’t answer part(s) of the exam.

This is a very historical time for many reasons, but these online exams are paving the way for future exams similar to AP exams to also be online, and students everywhere are making history by being the first-ever to take an online AP exam.