The Accolade Returns Despite Digital Schooling


Logan Busbee, Editor in Chief

Let’s face it, 2020 is going to be the weirdest school year Centennial has ever had. In the midst of the Corona Virus we’ve returned to school in a fully virtual environment with no official in school start up date. However that doesn’t mean that The Accolade is going to go anywhere. We are Centennial’s digital newspaper and we’re going to continue to write no matter what happens, but there will be some changes to our proceedings. 

With the stipulation of Centennial being in the thralls of Universal Remote Learning, there are obviously almost no school events happening. For anything that ends up happening we will be sure to cover it. Yet now our focus is to give a voice to the students of Centennial. This year is also the debut of The Accolade as a club, so any students are able and encouraged to write for The Accolade on whatever topic they want. Whether it be news, sports, video games, movies, etc. The Accolade is the outlet you’ve been looking for. The Accolade is here to bring you news and articles no matter what’s happening outside our windows. Just remember, our best days are ahead. Go Knights!