Spice, Sabotage, and Space Worms in the First Dune Trailer


Logan Busbee, Editor in Chief

When it comes to science fiction, Frank Hebert’s Dune is one of the most influential stories ever told. Since its release in 1965, countless stories have taken inspiration from it. Without Dune, there would be no Star Wars. And while there have been a few attempts to adapt this book onto the big screen, not until now has the technical prowess been possible to realize the novel’s true scope. But the recently released first trailer for Denis Vileneuve’s Dune shows the newest adaptation is fully visualizing the novel’s interstellar landscapes.

This trailer shows the stark difference between Dune and other space movies in the modern day, mainly the lack of quips and comedy. But Dune is a tale of political sabotage, the untamed nature of Arrakis, and the tale of Paul Atreides, the man destined to become the savior Muad’Dib. If you’re looking for the more common and generally appealing aspects of the movie, this trailer shows off the large scale battles between House Atreides and House Harkonnen, the stellar cast of the movie, and of course, the giant space worms. Dune is slated for a December release date, but with the state of movies and the world in general right now, who actually knows when it will release.