How to Stay Safe Heading Back to School

Logan Busbee, Editor In Chief

Well, it’s finally happening. Students are heading back into Centennial for full face-to-face learning for the first time in almost exactly seven months. While there’s a good chunk of people staying in virtual school, people can prepare for at least half of all Centennial students coming back into the building. So, just to make sure everyone is on the same page, The Accolade is here with some helpful tips to stay safe once you’re back in school!

Stay as distant as possible

While it’s best to stay six feet apart from other people, that’s just not always going to be possible in Centennial. So, the next best thing is to just stay as far as you can from people if at all possible. Don’t sit right next to someone if you can space yourself out, don’t lean in to tell people something, just keep your own personal space.

Always wear your mask (correctly, too)

At this point, masks are part of everyone’s daily routine, so I’m sure you’re used to this by now, but it has to be repeated. Always wear your mask, and make sure it goes over your nose. We’re all trying to be safe, and while masks can be kind of annoying, they really aren’t that bad. Plus, there’s no reason not to have fun with them. Get a mask of your favorite show, or get ones to match your outfit, just have fun with it while staying safe.

Respect the lines

In order to help guide everyone and be safe, in the halls and certain rooms (cafeteria/certain classrooms) tape has been laid down to designate where people can both sit and walk. This is the easiest thing to follow, so make sure to walk on the right side of the main hallway, use the secondary hallway as a one way, and don’t sit on taped off seats just to hang out closer to your friends.

Sanitize your hands

Across the school in tons of different places are touchless hand sanitizers, so make sure to use them. It takes virtually no time and is just any easy precaution take.

Just don’t be an idiot

Listen, everyone has been dealing with Corona for more than half of 2020, by now we all know what to do to stay safe. Sure, it might be slightly annoying to have to wear a mask or walk on specific sides of the halls, but it’s for the greater good. For us students, we’re likely to not experience the symptoms because of our age, but think about our teachers, the staff, and your families you could inadvertently spread Covid to. There are no legitimate excuses to not try and be safe and help everyone out, and for those who are worried or have immuno-compromised family, the option for virtual school remains on the table. It’s simple though, don’t be an idiot. Be safe for yourself and others, and hopefully by next semester Centennial can have a normal semester.