Main hall mural shouts school pride

Lauren Ridley, Staff Writer


The new mural dominates the main hallway – photo credit, Lauren Ridley

Students at Centennial started the new year with a twist: a brand new mural appeared in the main hallway, causing mixed reactions by many students.

The mural has been in the works for months, since Principal Anthony Newbold began discussing ideas with the manufacturer, Cady Studios, in October and then set forth a plan to have the mural up just in time for the new year.

Dr. Newbold said he wanted a statement piece to help our school stand out. “There was nothing in the main hallway that said you’re at Centennial,” he said “There are a bunch of schools that look just like Centennial, and when you go to Roswell, Creekside or Tri Cities, they all look the same,” Newbold said. “So if you walked into [any of those buildings] and closed your eyes, could you tell where you are? And the answer is no.”

Centennial has many creative students in the art program, so the question is that why didn’t a student paint it? Junior Kayla Leal wishes that a Centennial student had painted the mural instead. “We have many creative students here that are more than capable of painting the mural,” said Leal.

Newbold said that he would indeed have wanted a student to paint it, “but it takes time and money and I don’t want to pull students out of class.”

Newbold added, “Maybe over the summer we can have the students come in and paint different things.” 

Dr. Newbold explains that the mural is in fact not painted but is a wrap. “It’s the same concept as a wrap on a car and advertisement billboards,” he said .     

Students like senior Madison Bryant said that she enjoys the new art. Bryant said, “seeing the art in the hallway brightens my mood completely when I walk into school in the morning.”   

All students of Centennial should get used to the new changes going on around school. “Just look to see more branding stuff going on around the halls, we also plan on doing more small projects around the building as well,”  said Newbold.

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