CES 2019 Recap

CES 2019 Recap

The Consumer Electronics Show, run by the Consumer Technology Association, is a yearly exposition in which hundreds of tech companies are able to show off their new technology, products, or plans for the year.

Nvidia announces RTX 2060 and GPU compatibility with adaptive sync monitors

Nvidia Founder and CEO Jensen Huang unveiling the RTX 2060 at CES 2019.

With an apparent lack of solid mid-range graphics cards at the moment, the RTX 2060 appears to be coming just in time. The new card is aimed at mid-range PC builders with its $350 price tag. From the benchmarks that we’ve seen, the RTX 2060 seems to compete with the previous-generation GTX 1070 Ti for about $50 less. That being said, no true benchmarks from consumers will be available until its release date on January 15th.

Another big announcement: G-sync for the masses! Nvidia is now going through hundreds of adaptive sync (AMD’s Freesync) monitors to see if they are compatible with their graphics cards. So far, eight have been “G-sync certified” out of a couple hundred monitors tested. For those wondering, adaptive sync is a technology that a monitor uses to match its refresh rate output with the frame-rate input it receives from the video card, preventing input lag and screen tearing.

This unforeseen step that Nvidia is taking is a smart one: one of the biggest factors that pulls consumers towards Radeon graphics cards is the cheaper AMD Freesync, which is a much cheaper monitor feature when comparing it to G-sync.

AMD announces 3rd-gen Ryzen CPU’s and Radeon VII GPU

James Martin / CNET
AdD CEO Dr. Lisa Su unveils the Radeon VII at CES 2019.

Advanced Micro Devices chief executive Lisa Su used this year’s CES to announce their new GPU and next-generation Ryzen processors. Both will be using the 7nm manufacturing process, beating Intel and Nvidia, and likely creating a smaller and more efficient chip. According to rumors, only 5000 units have been / will be created, and even with the $700 price tag, will sell at a net loss for the company.

Bigger, better and more flexible TV’s?

LG’s new rollable 8K television.

Televisions are usually a big deal at CES; this year was no exception. One of the biggest new developments was 8K resolution. Samsung, Sony, and LG have all released their own 8K TV’s, and they’re huge. Samsung’s and Sony’s TV’s will be 98 inches, and LG’s will be 88 inches. It should be noted, however, that there is no actual 8K content at this time, so there is really no motivation to drop so much money on one. These TV’s will boast the new HDMI 2.1 standard, which is capable of resolutions up to 10k, variable refresh rate (up to 120 frames per second), and an enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC).

LG also announced that it is releasing a flexible-screen OLED TV, which can roll itself up into its stand.

Apple also dropped a bombshell on the event: it announced that it will be opening up its ecosystem to TV manufacturers. Manufacturers can now integrate AirPlay 2 into their devices, meaning the TV’s can be controlled from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.