Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review

Ryan Mayville, Staff Writer

On December 7, Nintendo released its newest installment of the Super Smash Bros. series. The new Smash game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, was made to incorporate all the previous editions into one game. Smash Ultimate includes 76 characters and over 100 different maps with more to come as downloadable content (DLC’s) are released. The game is currently available for the Nintendo Switch and retails for $60.

Smash Ultimate is one of the most successful games released on the Switch, receiving a 9.4 on IGN (formerly Imagine Games Network, a video game news outlet). After playing the game, it’s clear to this reviewer why everyone loves it so much. Overall, the campaign took me over 27 hours to complete, containing almost 500 battles to conquer as you approach the final stage.

The campaign consists of many different puzzles and riddles throughout the game, along with unexpected regions that keep the game interesting. There are also new spirit fighters that can help you overcome obstacles and give you a competitive advantage as you progress through the campaign.

Another aspect of the game is the Smash mode. In the innovated Smash mode the characters appear to move faster allowing for quicker gameplay. For aspects like the Final Smash, there is a new smash meter, along with the smash ball, that increases as you take damage allowing for more balanced gameplay.