Google Maps gets everyone’s favorite Waze feature


Derek Rehberger, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Like to speed but are worried about getting pulled over? Google has your back.

(credit: Android Authority)
A screenshot of what the new speed limit feature looks like.

The tech giant recently rolled out an update that added some useful features to prevent users from getting in trouble with the law. The app now tells users the speed limit in the bottom corner and is also slowly adding in a speed camera notifier.

Google is also adding in the beloved Waze features of alerting users of accidents and police activity, as well as report them. However, this feature is still being tested by select users.

These new features put Google Maps up against the popular Waze app, which gets real-time incident reports and allows users to report things such as stopped vehicles and hidden police. This move by Google is a little strange, as they actually own Waze. In 2013, the company bought out the Israeli-owned navigation app for $966 million.

(credit: Billionaire 365)
A preview of the new reporting features on Google Maps, only available to a few users at the moment.

The less popular Apple Maps has had this speed limit feature for a while now, but in my experience, it is inaccurate. Many of our local roads will be displayed as having speed limits of 45 when they are actually 35 or 40.